What can I shop for home office furniture in Mumbai ?

Decorwoods Home Office Furniture

Recent outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic has made employers realize that the office is not the only place where employees can be productive. Working from home is as important as working from the office.  A significant level of productivity can be achieved in tough situations by working from home. 

For self-employed professionals and small business owners , the concept of working from home (WFH) is not alien. It is already popular as SOHO (Small Office Home Office).

Even currently for mainstream corporate employees, working for home for few selected employees are common privileges. 

But now employers have realized that working from home constitutes a major strategy in their business continuity plan.

What does it require to be productive by Working From Home ?

First of all , a proper workplace is required which is somewhat isolated from home distractions. A proper workplace is made from home office furniture with other setup and related accessories.

A proper workplace with home office furniture keeps professional and personal interactions demarcated and it is a major booster in productivity while working from home. It is best, if the workplace can be demarcated by a barrier like blind or solid door in a separate room.

Apart from this , following are the requirements :

  • Gadgets and hardware like internet, stationery, printers , wifi, phones and computers/laptops, etc
  • A proper plan or a daily routine for working
  • Willingness to stick to schedule
  • Skill to avoid distractions while maintaining balance between personal and professional life

What types of furniture are required in a home office?

  • Elegant lighting
  • Ergonomically designed revolving chair, if possible with seat cushion
  • Laptop table or desking system, floating or fixed with wall
  • Office desking system or study table or study chair
  • Storage, racks and filing cabinets
  • Additional seating

Elegant Lighting

It is best to have a seperate lighting arrangement for the home office in order to not disturb other family members in daytime or in nighttime.  It helps to isolate the place , especially in a bigger home. It helps in maintaining social distance which is must for separating professional and personal interaction.

Ergonomically designed revolving chair, if possible with seat cushion

Never use ordinary home chairs for your home office. They are not fit for a posture which is required while working on a laptop/computer or in an office. It is better to use an ergonomically designed office chair. A revolving office chair is the most suitable.

Laptop table or desking system, floating or fixed with wall

Desk for the home office can be of floating type which can be moved anywhere as desired. Another type is the one where the desk is fixed with the wall and can not be moved in the future. Both the types of desking system have their own pros and cons.

For Indian people, a floating desk is more suitable as we are always short of space in our homes. 

Storage, racks and filing cabinets

It is the most important component of the home office system. Every good home office should have a separate storage with the cabinets for filling. It is utmost important to not mix papers and files which are for personal use with those which are for professional use.

Additional Seating

Let us be very practical. There may be situations where a small meeting or gathering may be required in due course of time for professional work. It can not be completely ruled out though we may be equipped with the latest communication gadgets & software like mobile, skype chat, video conferencing and meeting/webinar software systems.

What are the best places to shop for home office furniture in Mumbai?

Always look for a furniture manufacturer who has a team of interior designers. The arrangement for home office furniture should be made when the home is decorated by the interior designing professional. The layout and design of home offices should be an integral part of home decoration layout prepared by interior designers.

In case , it is not possible, the custom home office furniture can be procured from a furniture manufacturer. All furniture manufacturers are the best candidates for shopping for home office furniture.

There is wisdom in buying home office furniture directly from the manufacturer having modern tools and machines. Rarely manual labour is employed to follow the processes in the making of home office furniture. Furniture manufacturers have modern machine tools like  panel saws, through feed machines,multi-boring machines, powder coating machines , hot press & post forming machines. 

Furniture manufacturers can measure the area and space and design the home office furniture as per the home office space. It gives maximum space utilization. This is one of the most important plus points compared to buying ready made home office furniture.

Since hardly manual labour is employed by furniture manufacturers, the finishing & the quality of the product is of high quality. 

They are capable of providing life-time support to their customers because of their infra- structure. Substantial warranty and customer support at reasonable cost is the icing of the cake which makes investment in furniture rewarding in the long-term.


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