What can I shop for home office furniture in Mumbai ?

Decorwoods Home Office Furniture

Recent outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic has made employers realize that the office is not the only place where employees can be productive. Working from home is as important as working from the office.  A significant level of productivity can be achieved in tough situations by working from home.  For self-employed professionals and small business owners , the concept of working from home (WFH) is not alien. It is already popular as SOHO (Small Office Home Office). Even currently for...

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How do you choose office furniture?

Decorwoods Office Furniture

Today the workplace is our second home. Office or workplace is a second home in this millennium. We spent more hours at our workplace compared to home. Is it not true? Career is life and life is a career. This mantra has been adopted literally by our professionals. It does not matter that they are at the threshold of youth or middle-age. Team-meetings, client-meetings, deadlines, night-outs are common buzzwords in today’s work environment, be it a multinational organization or a...

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The out of box salesman